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Genarate IP addresses randomly

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function getIP(decimal:Number):String {
var IP1 = Math.floor(decimal/Math.pow(256,3));
var IP2 = Math.floor((decimal%Math.pow(256,3))/Math.pow(256,2));
var IP3 = Math.floor(((decimal%Math.pow(256,3))%Math.pow(256,2))/Math.pow(256,1));
var IP4 = Math.floor((((decimal%Math.pow(256,3))%Math.pow(256,2))%Math.pow(256,1))/Math.pow(256,0));
var ip = IP1+”.”+IP2+”.”+IP3+”.”+IP4;
return ip;
function generateIP():String {
return getIP((Math.random()*(256*256*256*256 -1)));
trace( generateIP() );


Written by Deepanjan Das

July 12, 2010 at 9:20 PM

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