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Writing & executing CMD scripts through AIR

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The following script writes a CMD file, executes it and disposes itself.

Here a cmd file named “hide.cmd” is getting created which sets the file attribute of test.txt to hidden and then deletes itseld (hide.cmd).

private var applicationDirectory:File;
public function createCMDFile():void
    applicationDirectory = File.desktopDirectory;
    var cmdFile:File = applicationDirectory.resolvePath( 'hide.cmd' );
    var stream:FileStream = new FileStream() cmdFile, FileMode.WRITE );

    var dataString:String = "ATTRIB +H \" C:\My Documents\test.txt \"";

    stream.writeUTFBytes( dataString );

    stream = null;

    var nativeProcessStartupInfo:NativeProcessStartupInfo = new NativeProcessStartupInfo();
    nativeProcessStartupInfo.executable = cmdFile;

    var process:NativeProcess = new NativeProcess();
    process.addEventListener( NativeProcessExitEvent.EXIT, onExitHandler );

private function onExitHandler( event:NativeProcessExitEvent ):void
    var cmdFile:File = applicationDirectory.resolvePath( 'hide.cmd' );

Please Remember to set <supportedProfiles>extendedDesktop</supportedProfiles> in air descriptor file. Check AIR NativeProcess compatible SDK before compiling.


Written by Deepanjan Das

September 10, 2010 at 3:52 PM

Posted in AIR, Code Snippets

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