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Tween issues in loading AVMovie1 in AVMovie2

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Today I was working on an ActionScript project while I came across an interesting fact which I would like to share.
I developed a flash site in AS3.0 but due to some constraints I had to use the home page of another flash movie developed in AS2.0; so basically loading AVMovie1 in AVMovie2.

I had a Tween created in my home.swf which works well on first load within AVMovie2. But the problem started when I navigated to another section and again returned to Home. This time surprisingly none of the Tweens in home.swf worked. I checked multiple times to be sure that when I navigated, I cleared my home loader which I added to the base flash. Read the rest of this entry »


Dispatch Events in AS2.0

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function onComponentClickHandler( o:Object ):Void{
trace(“component clicked”);
//do something here
component.addEventListener(“click”, onComponentClickHandler);

//component class –
class com.Component extends MovieClip
public var addEventListener:Function; //declaring the function to access addEventListener of MovieClip

public function Component () {
this.onRelease = function() {
//creating the event object
var eventObj:Object = new Object();
eventObj.type = “click”; // event type = this; // event target

Written by Deepanjan Das

July 19, 2010 at 9:53 PM

Hello World!

Welcome to my blog.
This is mostly related to my work on ActionScripting.
Feel free to discuss with me in different aspects of ActionScript. I want to learn more…

Both of us may not be aware of when we have learnt something new only through discussion…

So keep blogging 🙂